Map and Directions

Chippewa Valley Regional Airport
3800 Starr Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54703

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From North:
Take Highway 53 South to the Melby St. Exit. Turn right on Melby St. Follow to Chippewa Valley Regional Airport.

From South:
Take I-94 West to the Highway 53 North Exit. Follow Highway 53 North to Melby St. Exit. Turn left on Melby St. Follow to Chippewa Valley Regional Airport.

From East:
Take Highway 29 West to Highway 53 South Exit. Follow Highway 53 South to Melby St. Exit. Turn right on Melby St. Follow to Chippewa Valley Regional Airport.

From West:
Take I-94 East to North Crossing/Highway 312 Exit. Follow North Crossing/Highway 312. Turn right on Mercury Ave. /Starr Ave. Exit. Turn left onto Starr Ave. Follow to Chippewa Valley Regional Airport.

Roads closed during the show include:
East Riverview Dr: From Airport Rd to below the hill
Airport Rd: From Rivercrest Dr to Neptune Ave
North La: From Comet Ave to Starr Ave
Starr Ave: From Eddy Lane to Melby St
Melby St: From Starr Ave to White Ave.

One Way Traffic:
Starr Ave: From Eddy La northbound to the Airport begins at 8:30am.

Melby St West: From White Ave to the Airport begins at 8:30 am.

Both of these one way roads switch at 3:00pm to support outbound air show traffic. There are emergency lanes open all day.

Air Show Policies / FAQ

We do our best to answer all questions that come in.
Here is a list of the most common questions that we have received.

What do tickets include?

GENERAL ADMISSION tickets include access into the air show grounds, static displays and activities. Same day re-entry is not guaranteed. Please check with a gate admission attendant before leaving the ground if you plan to re-enter.

RESERVED SEAT TICKETS includes all that General Admission tickets receive plus a reserved seat at the front of the crowd and access to a cash bar. The seating will be plastic chairs, similar to music festivals.

PRESIDENTS CLUB tickets include all that General Admission tickets receive plus front line seating, large tent, buffet line & 2 free drink tickets with cash bar, complimentary pop & water and luxury restrooms. The seating will be plastic chairs, similar to music festivals.

Do children need a ticket?

General Admission tickets:
- Youth 5 and under are free and do not require a General Admission ticket.
- Ages 6-16 are $12 advance/$15 at the gate.

Reserved Seating / Presidents Club: All ages will need to purchase a ticket for these areas.

What is seating like for General Admission tickets?

General Admission tickets are for an open field viewing area on a first come, first served basis. It is encouraged to bring folding chairs or blankets to sit on. There are no bleachers or chairs available in the General Admission area.

Do you offer ticket refunds and exchanges?

All sales are final and no refunds or exchanges will be allowed. The air show will go on rain or shine, although lightning or extreme weather may not allow for certain acts to fly. The air show will do its best to accommodate all performers.

Can I leave and re-enter the air show grounds?

If you plan to leave and re-enter the air show grounds, please just check with a gate attendant first to let them know your plan. They will be able to assist you.

Will my bags be searched?

All persons, bags or other items are subject to search at any time while attending Chippewa Valley Air Show affiliated events. Items listed as not allowed (“Carry Ins”) that are found during entry searches will be confiscated. Everyone and their belongings are subject to search at any time while on the Chippewa Valley Air Show grounds.

What if the weather cancels the air show on Saturday? Can I use my ticket to get in the grounds again on Sunday?

General Admission ticket, you WILL be able to use it on Sunday IN THE EVENT SATURDAY'S SHOW IS CANCELED.

If you have purchased a Reserve Seating or Presidents Club Ticket for Saturday, you WILL NOT be able to use it on Sunday. However, you will be able to use it to enter as General Admission.

Are drones allowed on or around the grounds?

No, organizers of the Chippewa Valley Air Show and the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) want spectators and those in the Eau Claire and surrounding area to understand that flying an unmanned aircraft in unauthorized air space is not just illegal, but unnecessarily puts people at risk.

We want everyone at The Chippewa Valley Air Show to enjoy their experience without having to worry about the consequences of a drone-related accident. Please, leave the flying and photography to the professionals and come see the air show in person.

Do you offer military tickets or discounts?

We do not offer a military discount as this is a fundraiser for a not for profit organization.

Where will I park? (Parking Information)

General parking is $10.00.
(Please note, this includes RVs, but RVs are not allowed to camp overnight on the airport grounds.)

Disabled parking is also available. Disabled parking is on asphalt and a short distance from the Disabled seating area which is also on asphalt.

Can I ride my bike to the air show?

Yes. There are bike racks near the airport terminal. You can also chain your bike to one of the fences surrounding the air show grounds.

Will there be a shuttle to the air show grounds?

In the event that the EC North overflow parking lot is used, there will be a shuttle running throughout the day between the overflow lot and the Air Show grounds.

Will there be enough parking?

Yes. We anticipate having enough parking for everyone on the air show grounds. If, once we start getting vehicles in the parking lot, we think there will be a need for satellite parking, the parking attendants will supply that information.

What types of accommodations will be made for persons with disabilities at the air show?

We have parking accommodations for persons with disabilities, available with the presentation of a valid permit. Access to this area can be gained from either entrance, but Starr Ave. provides the closest, most convenient route.

The parking area is on asphalt and a short distance from the specialized seating area, also seated on asphalt

Can I bring a scooter/wheelchair/golf cart?

The air show grounds are accessible by wheel chair and motorized scooter. Personal golf carts are not allowed. Please be advised crowds are often heavy, making maneuvering difficult. The air show grounds also do not have electrical outlets to supplement the power of any personal devices or motorized equipment.

Can I bring a cooler or carry-in?

Coolers or carry-ins are not allowed and you cannot bring any outside food or drink. All food and drink must be purchased on the air show grounds.

I have health concerns. Can I bring my own food into the grounds?

Our food vendor will have healthy choices for people with health concerns. Diet soft drinks and bottled water will be available.

Can I bring chairs?

Yes. You can bring chairs into the air show grounds, including ones that come in a bag.

Will there be any covered seating areas?

The only covered seating area is reserved for the Presidents Club and Corporate Chalets. There are no tents to sit under in the general admission area. You are welcome to bring an umbrella to shade yourself. Please just remember to be respectful of the people sitting behind you.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed due to the nature of the show and the loud noises. Licensed Service animals are welcome.

When do the gates open?

The gates open at 8:30 a.m. Static displays, the Kids Zone and exhibits will open at 8:30 a.m. The parachute jump to open the air show will be at approximately 12 p.m. Performances will start immediately after that and continue until about 4:30 p.m. We suggest arriving early so you can enjoy everything on the air show grounds!

You can find a schedule of events by scrolling to the top of this page

How can I secure the best seat?

Come early! As soon as the gates open, you will be able to claim your viewing spot.

Is there a schedule of events?

You can find a schedule of events by scrolling to the top of this page.

When are the U.S. Navy Blue Angels scheduled to perform?

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels are scheduled to perform at 3 p.m. each day.

Do the same acts perform each day?

Yes. The same acts are scheduled to perform on both June 4th and 5th.

Will it be loud?

Yes! We suggest you bring ear protection if you are sensitive to loud noises. If you will be bringing children to the air show, please remember to protect their little ears, too!

Can I take pictures?

Absolutely! We encourage you to share your photos with us via social media. Look for Chippewa Valley Air Show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Can I get autographs from the performers?

Many of the performers will offer time for people to get autographs after their performances. Watch the flight line and listen for announcements during the air show for more information.

Can I smoke?

No. You will not be allowed to smoke on the air show grounds.

What if I get sick during the air show?

There will be a first aid tent on the air show grounds, available to people who are injured or get sick.

How will I find a lost child?

If you need to find a lost child while on the grounds, please find the nearest air show volunteer. That person will direct you to a law enforcement official, who will help you from there.

Will alcohol be available for sale in the general seating area?


Will there be an ATM available on the air show grounds?


Can I carry a gun on the air show grounds?

No. Firearms are not allowed on the Chippewa Valley Air Show grounds.

Can I bring a diaper bag with me?

Yes. You can bring a diaper bag and baby/toddler essentials with you.

Will there be a lost and found area?

Yes. If you need to find it, please just ask an air show volunteer.

Does the Chippewa Valley Air Show have a hashtag?

Yes. It is #CVAS22. Use it to share your photos and experiences!


The health and safety of our guests is of the utmost importance and we will operate in compliance with all federal, state, and local mandated health requirements. The Chippewa Valley Air Show is an open-air outdoor event. In addition to having plenty of space to allow for social distancing throughout the air show grounds, there will be hand-washing and hand sanitizing stations available on-site, near all portable restrooms.