Vampire Airshows de Havilland DH-115 Worlds Oldest Flying Jet Fighter

Vampire Airshows mission and our Airshow is about the merging of Entertainment and Education. The Vampire is unique to the Airshow circuit and brings Speed, Noise, Jet Warbird Aerobatics, and a profile that grabs the audiences attention. In the process, while Jerry "Vlad" Conley flys the aircraft his banter with the announcer draws the crowds into learning about the aircraft. The aircraft is fully aerobatic performing rolls, Cuban eights, Shark tooths, inverted flight, high speed passes, and all with a killer smoke system. The Vampire, being the Beginning of ALL modern jet aviation, is truely inspiring to watch fly.

The de Havilland Vampire is truely a unique and historical aircraft. Developed as the Worlds First Single Engine Jet Fighter, we, with the passage of time forget just how amazing this feat tuely was. Remember, before the Vampire and the Gloster Meteors....there were no Jets, No jet engines, and No ejection seats. This was all new, and every step of the way these men were Trail Blazers. First, you had to have a motor. Below are a few videos to illustrate just how basic, by today's standards these simple jets were.